Citation: Svoboda ELA. Safer Implant Treatment: Mitigating the Root Causes of Complications Related to Current Prostheses Installation Techniques. Sept 3, 2018.

Knowledge is forever advancing. In my early days when my computer froze, I used to think “What did I do wrong now.” Today I think “What is wrong with this computer!” No, it’s not always me that is to blame for problems. Many systems that we have come to use daily, are simply flawed.

I have placed and restored thousands of dental implants over 25 years. I love what implants allow me to accomplish for my patients. What keeps me up at night is “How to deal with treatment complications”. When patients spend their hard-earned money on new teeth, they really don’t like buying complications. They already have enough problems and so do we.

Perhaps we can agree that much of peri-implant disease involves oral pathogens…


Safer Implant: Mitigating the Root Causes of Complications Related to Current Prostheses Installation Techniques