Citation: The Effects of Gingiva and Abutment-Prosthesis Design on Cement Flow during Intra-oral Cementation. An “In Vitro” Study

Emil L.A. Svoboda PhD, DDS. Presented as a Table Clinic at The AAID Western-Central District Meeting in Vancouver.  April 9, 2016


Many clinicians prefer to install the implant prosthetics by the screw-in method, because they believe that this method of installation allows for prosthesis retrievability. However, retrievability does not result from the prosthesis installation method, but relates to “Retrievability Features” created by the implant surgeon and enhanced by the implant manufactures. These features include placing implants in a position that allows for a working path of insertion and a desirable abutment-screw access-hole location. Implant manufacturers have created aids, such as multi-unit abutments and special abutment screws that build some tolerance into the abutment-prosthesis system, for restoring implants in non-optimal positions…