The purpose of CSD Connection Systems for Dentistry Inc. is to create and distribute dental devices that facilitate the delivery of safer dental treatment to patients. Based on the work of its founder, Dr. Emil L.A. Svoboda, it makes well designed site specific custom milled abutments and prosthetics using “Genuine Parts” whenever possible. These are made available to dentists and to their dental laboratories.

The designs of the custom abutments and prosthetics form part of the Cement Control System™ that is intended to mitigate a number of problems, that Dr. Svoboda has identified from the literature, his experiments and his ample experience. Extrapolated from the work of TG Wilson (2009) on residual subgingival cement, the prescribed designs and installation processes should be able to reduce peri-implant disease by 60% for both screwed-in and cement-in implant prosthetics. This is welcome news for all, as complications can be very expensive to deal with. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Benjamin Franklin.

We can start our work directly from a physical or digital impression. Order your well designed custom abutments and prosthetics today, and start preventing unnecessary complications immediately. Send us a case. Preventing unnecessary complications is simply smart, because complications can be expensive! Your patients will appreciate your care.

The Inventor

Dr. Emil Svoboda graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD and a DDS. He became a Fellow of the AGD and began placing and restoring dental implants in 1991. He became a member of the AAID in 1994 to enhance his knowledge of implant dentistry and later earned the designations of Honored Fellow of the AAID and Diplomate of the ABOI/ID. After 20 years of implant experience, he realized that there were significant problems related to each of the common prostheses installation systems. These problems prevented clinicians from improving treatment outcomes and stimulated Dr. Svoboda’s research. His research has yielded a rich new vein of knowledge about the root causes of common risk factors directly related to current installation techniques. He has named these root causes the “Old Dragons of Dentistry” and spends much of his time teaching his colleagues how to identify them, separate them and tame them. Dr. Svoboda is a Master Dragon Tamer and likes to work with people who want to make implant treatment better. He has been a frequent contributor to AAID Maxicourse Implant Programs, has presented at numerous dental meetings across North America and abroad and has won multiple awards for his research.

The Perfect Smile Starts With The Perfect Foundation!
Dr. Emil Svoboda

More about Dr. Emil Svoboda PhD, DDS

Dr. Svoboda Earned his BSC (1974), PhD (1978) and DDS (1982) at the University of Toronto. His Undergraduate work involved general sciences including Bacteriology and Virology. His PhD research was supervised by Drs. A.H. Melcher and D.M. Brunette and was part of the MRC Group in Periodontal Physiology, in the faculty of Dentistry. The title of his Thesis was “In Vitro Phagocytosis of Collagen by Periodontal Ligament Cells”. It involved cultured cells and was an electron microscopic morphometric study. This work and future publications gave Dr. Svoboda a great appreciation of biology at the micron and submicron level of magnitude. This perspective is important to the study of factors that affect implant success and failure. As a practicing dentist he then earned his Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry ( ), Fellowship with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry ( ) and is a Diplomate of the American board of Oral Implantlogy / Implant Dentistry ( ). More recently he was awarded the Honored status from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry for his significant contribution to implant dentistry. He was also presented with the Award of Merit by the Ontario Dental Association for his contribution to organized dentistry. Dr. Svoboda has lectured about implant dentistry worldwide and continues to educate dentists about implant surgery and prosthetics. He also lectures to the public about implant dentistry.